Your opinion is wrong, but proving it will take so long and accomplish so little that I'm not going to bother. Usually said with a shrug or to end the conversation.
A: I think the Miami Heat will win the NBA championship this year.
B: Fair nuff <shrug>.
by pseudomoniker July 15, 2010
Top Definition
A contraction combining the words fair and enough
y'ain't sposed be here. back up before i pop a cap in yo ass.

Fair'nuff... m'out
by DaveNoMore August 30, 2013
def: reluctantly conceding a point, in the grand tradition of "to each his own" "whatever floats your boat" "pot-AY-to, po-TAH-to."

"well, I think you're out of your mind for thinking what you think and doing what you do, but hey, fairnuff."
by jacyk June 12, 2007

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