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when a person goes through life without ever having a successful relationship those relationships are then added to the fail train. It is possible for one person to ride in multiple cars on a single fail train.
i don't understand why DJ continues to try and date, the girl is just gonna end up on the fail train. Woo Woo!
by Poshua January 05, 2010
14 7
To fail at something utterly

The train on which utter failures ride to their next failure
The russians sure failtrained it with Chernobyl
by fagatini June 10, 2007
38 23
a continuous cycle of failure or a combined, epic failure, where multiple parties join in so as to more effectively FAIL.
In China, everyone is compacted like sardines into a single train, or a failtrain.
by phailinc. May 24, 2009
10 1
While spectating another player in an online game, watch then do something that will lead to then losing/failing the game.
omg he's taking the bomb to A - he's hopping on the failtrain...
by Tim J C January 12, 2009
4 4
A transport, form of transport, or metaphorical transport, than fails to produce any kind of useful output.
'OMFG That orc amour is a fail train!' - The amour of that orc has no useful function, and looks retarded

'I had to get on a first great western fail train' - i had to get on a train run by first great western that is unproductive, and late.

'Haha, your train fails, it's a fail train' - your transport tycoon train is costing you large sums of money, and can't reach any stations
by John 'PJB' Bargman August 31, 2007
21 22