A homosexual encounter with a male prostitute
Despite being married to a great woman, it was seeking out a fagtrick that kept him sexually satisfied.
by astrohide January 26, 2011
Top Definition
one who’s god-given name is PATRICK but is also a fag, hence, fagtrick.
Fagtricks can be found in suburban locations, surfing wikipedia, myspace, or twitterfox.
They always have a cell phone and/or ipods.
They never listen to music, only PODCASTS.
These people are obsessed with electronics.
They eat constantly, hide all your edibles.
They complain constantly about everything.
*Cries over spilt slurpies.*
WARNING: These people are very unstable and unsafe. Will cause harm to small children and the elderly.
"shut up, fagtrick"

"fuck you, fagtrick, just do it"

"My Fagtrick is always broken!"

by Fuprah Jackson May 25, 2008
A guy who was born with the name Patrick but developed into a giant hypocritical fag. He is not a homosexual, he's just a fag.
Patrick should change his name to fagtrick because he is a fag.
by JJJJRRR January 12, 2012
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