Meaning "to gay things up a bit" usually said by gay guys.
{A group of homos enter a party}
A: Geez, this party sucks.
B: I know, it's like so regular.
C: Time to fag it sisters.
by Gohn Gardenza February 11, 2008
Top Definition
An incorrect spelling of the word "faggot" that is often used by illiterate bastards like yourself who came in search of this non-existent word.
Beast: "You're such a fagit."

Intelligent Human: "I believe you mean "faggot" you damn dirty ape."
by Beast Killer May 09, 2006
A phrase commonly used by toon accounts on Twitter. Also could mean You.
Spodermen: Ur an fagit
Dolan: Spodermen stahp u fagit

Ur an fagit
The Word "Fagit" means a skrub that has no skills, is a noob, and gets 420 noscoped everytiem they join a server.
Fagit get 420 noscoped , ill 1 v 1 you an if yu reject u r skrub bich sry not sry #smokeweedeveryday
related to FAG (Fucking Ask Google).
pronounced like faggot.

The all in one instruction to tell someone to ask google and stop wasting your time.
Coworker: "What is a bearcat?"
Me: "FAGit."
Coworker: "Oh! A bearcat is related to skunks and acts like a wolverine."
by Programmer1101 May 27, 2009
A term coined on the popular social networking site FaceBook. Satire of the word racit

Used to refer to people that claim racit is a word.

These people have a tendency to not learn from the mistakes of others and as such they misspell words purposely, believing it places them in a higher social status than those educated enough to spell, or at least use spell check

No reference is made to the term Faggot
Plaxico, you're a fagit.
by dentree4 January 08, 2008
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