A homosexual (usually used in association with Boston College and Boston University athletes past and present)
1) Brian Gionta is a BC fagit.
2) I hope that BU Fagit Rick DiPietro never gets out of the AHL
3) You're a fagit.
by wonko January 16, 2003
Top Definition
An incorrect spelling of the word "faggot" that is often used by illiterate bastards like yourself who came in search of this non-existent word.
Beast: "You're such a fagit."

Intelligent Human: "I believe you mean "faggot" you damn dirty ape."
by Beast Killer May 09, 2006
A phrase commonly used by toon accounts on Twitter. Also could mean You.
Spodermen: Ur an fagit
Dolan: Spodermen stahp u fagit

Ur an fagit
Meaning "to gay things up a bit" usually said by gay guys.
{A group of homos enter a party}
A: Geez, this party sucks.
B: I know, it's like so regular.
C: Time to fag it sisters.
by Gohn Gardenza February 11, 2008
The Word "Fagit" means a skrub that has no skills, is a noob, and gets 420 noscoped everytiem they join a server.
Fagit get 420 noscoped , ill 1 v 1 you an if yu reject u r skrub bich sry not sry #smokeweedeveryday
related to FAG (Fucking Ask Google).
pronounced like faggot.

The all in one instruction to tell someone to ask google and stop wasting your time.
Coworker: "What is a bearcat?"
Me: "FAGit."
Coworker: "Oh! A bearcat is related to skunks and acts like a wolverine."
by Programmer1101 May 27, 2009
A term coined on the popular social networking site FaceBook. Satire of the word racit

Used to refer to people that claim racit is a word.

These people have a tendency to not learn from the mistakes of others and as such they misspell words purposely, believing it places them in a higher social status than those educated enough to spell, or at least use spell check

No reference is made to the term Faggot
Plaxico, you're a fagit.
by dentree4 January 08, 2008
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