(adj) one who acts like a faggot
(n) one who is a faggot, gay, asswiping, asshole
(v) the act of performing gay, faggoty, stupid, dipshit things
just being a stupid faggot, douchebag, loser.

abbreviation can just be "tron"
He is a faggottron.
by The U-Man January 16, 2011
Top Definition
the state of being so gay, it makes the person looking at you want to punch babies.
Danni is such a faggottron, give me a baby.
by sammiesexpot April 11, 2010
the leader of all the faggots, the biggest faggot of them all
Guy 1: dude remember i let you borrow money last week.

Guy 2: so, i dont care

Guy 1: screw you man i want my money

Guy 2: no

Guy 1: dude quit being a faggottron
by p.s.t November 09, 2009
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