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Explains anyone or anything. it can be a small insult or a hugh one!
Either Muppet
Fucking twat
by Lawrence April 15, 2003
83 102
In these times not really used if somebody is really a homosexual mostly used insteap of calling somebody stupid or a loser.
Ralph: Chris hasn't been answering his phone.
John: Yeah, he is probably hanging out with those other kids thats why.
Ralph: He is such a faggot.
John: Yeah him and his faggot friends.
by Matt March 17, 2005
16060 6432
a bundle of sticks or wood.
faggots bilt my home.
by dukaaladurk August 03, 2005
12731 5657
1. A term used to refer to homosexuals, often as a slur.

2. A bundle of sticks

3. The Bottom in a BD/SM relationship

Coined in the victorian era, this term comes from the practice in British Public Schools of making the students do menial tasks such as gathering the sticks to make Faggots, which were used instead of logs. These menial tasks became known as "Faggot-work", and it was the lowest of the low socially that typically were made to do these tasks. These boys were often physically weak as well, and were left open to sexual advances from other boys or teachers with little or recourse to refuse
1. That Elton John is such a faggot!
by DemonNick February 28, 2005
6136 3141
Justin Bieber..
Did you see justin bieber?

Yeah he is a faggot :P
by Mwartttaluuuu May 23, 2010
4115 1942
Fag (fāg) n. 1. An extremely annoying, inconsiderate person most commonly associated with Harley riders. 2. A person who owns or frequently rides a Harley.
Tim: Look at that faggot!
Jamal: Who that gay guy over there?
Tim: No.. That guy riding that annoying Harley.
Jamal: Ohhhhh, that faggot.
by TcbKustomz November 04, 2009
1941 1220
Slang term for homosexual, usualy one who is flamboyantly flaming
Guy A- Want to know an easy way to make a thousand dollars?
Guy B- How?
Guy A- Suck a Cock
Guy B- Wow your such a faggot
by word March 01, 2005
3812 3110
1. A bundle of sticks.
2. British term for a cigarette.
3. An insulting term for a gay male, usually used by insecure straight males of the teenage persuasion to "show that they are not gay". Still, used among gay men, "faggot" is sometimes a term of affection/badge of pride, but it is still a loaded word.
Faggot: A man whose emotional, romantic, and sexual attraction is geared toward other men; in other words, a man who loves men.

-"Damn, you're such a faggot!"
-"Thank you."
by Loreleili January 18, 2006
3176 2566