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The gayest man on the face of the earth. A person that really likes the cock.
"I am faggator! King of all of the fags! I am the gayest man alive! Here me roar!!!"
by OldBLUE September 18, 2008
An online gamer who is acting lame.
<Steve> Pikolo is using cheats..
<Bruce> Ye, I know.. he's such a faggator.
by Henk de Tank September 23, 2008
A gay person who's more of a fag than most of the fags living in this world. Their sex is confusing to tell (wether its a guy or a chick), they like the things 1000000 out 1 ppl hate, and they show themselves on the internet.
A perfect example of a faggator, is Chris Crocker.
by Alan Massacre April 14, 2008