the hand movement made by homosexuals and adolf hitler that involves bending the hand back next to the head and letting the wrist flop forward. it is usually accompanied by an "i love these new curtains!" or "sig heil!"
"did you see that holocaust movie? hitler totally did a fag flop"

"yeah, he's totally gay."
by queer eye May 10, 2006
Top Definition
flip flops that are worn by a dude, often referring towards how gay they are
Jim- "Steve, What the hell are those?"
Steve- "Just my sweet new flip flops from Hollister"
Jim- "Look like fag flops to me"
by Jimmy Orlander August 07, 2007
shitty, ugly, Reef flip-flops that also double as a bottle opener; worn by males.
I can't believe that fuckin' idiot paid $50 for those fagflops!
by flipflopnazi1 February 15, 2009

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