1. a party consisting mostly of men
2. a homosexual party/orgy
1. hell no, i'm not going to another one of jimmy's party, it's always a fagfest
2. there's a fagfest going on in the apartment above the rainbow caboose after it closes
by bagheera187 February 10, 2006
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a group of people who are all fags
Wow, this shit is a fucking fag fest!
by Madmangyg September 16, 2006
A gathering of faggots with which cool kids would not like to affiliate with.
1. wajeeh, ben, nithin, mohamed, tom, rajat going to mandarin is a huge fagfest
by Johnny Knox June 25, 2007
Gathering of fags, or place where fag-like behaviour is taking place.
Gayboi: "oh John, that's lovely."
JohnQueer: "fabulous!"
Trollucifer: "what-a-fagfest."
by Trollucifer November 03, 2004

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