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a person or thing that is really stupid or oblivious
ey nigga what the fucks goin on?

shit nigga you a fagbag
by m-dizzle_trizzle March 17, 2008
its a word that is used to tell some one that they are a faggot and a doucheba put into one so u get two disses at them
dude look at that fagbag nub over there dancing
by joey salesmen February 28, 2008
Extremely gay; the highest rank of gay
also could be used as calling somebody retarded
when mark came to my house with vibrators anal lube and his boy friend. i said wow your soo gay your a fag bag.
by Hernandex blockus March 21, 2007
Very different than the word fagbag, a man purse, usuallied used by faggots.
"Whoa nice fag bag you got there."
by 69DS69 December 21, 2006
A person who is such a jerk-off that it is obvious on first sight.
Person #1: Hey, have you seen Barry Bonds on his new show that cronicles his every move?
Person #2: Yeah, he's a real fag bag.
Person #1: I know. Listen to his voice.
by Colin K. April 23, 2006
a person who masters the concept of being a fucking idiot
My boyfriend Adam Bishop is a fag bag sometimes.
by Jen February 25, 2005
Fagbag is a faggot that t-bags other guys
OMG that Faggot over there is a fagbag look he's T-bagging that other guy for no reason
by SexyBeast25 June 17, 2009