There are actually two deffinitions to fag drag:

1. To beat up two or more homosexual people and tie them to a truck and drive fast.

2. The act of taking a drag from a fag, a British cigarette.
1. We're gonna go to a fag drag, wanna help?

2. Okay, just let me have a fag drag.
by The Jesus Bot May 21, 2007
Top Definition
to round up three or four queers and beat the livin' hell out of them, then hook tem up to a truck and go.
Come on, everybody! Let's get some queers, and some trucks, and have us a good old-fashioned fag drag!
by Corey K May 10, 2006
the act of trying up a homosexual and dragging them behind a motor vehicle. as made popular by Mr. Garrison From South Park.
"Who's up for a good old fashion fag drag!"
by Dudley Delux May 15, 2006
An event in which you drag a homosexual from a moving vehicle. This was first popularized by an episode of South Park.
Lets run down some fags and have ourselves a good ol' fag drag right through town square!
by A-F-SilentSteve January 14, 2006
Fag drag, When 3 or more people beat down a gay kid, tie him to their car by his feet, and drag him down the road screaming FAG DRAG out windows, moon roofs, and any other place one can fit their heads out of.
Dude, lets do a fag drag, its SOOOO GOOOOD
by vikingmandelux May 06, 2006
The act of tying "Fags" with ropes to the back of a truck and Fag Dragging.
"Man I want to Fag Drag those Fags so bad!"
by Levi Bray January 30, 2009
Fag-Drag: A sex game played by homosexual males in which the loser is dropped nude into a tub of ice water.
"Dudes, lets have a fag-drag." he flirted.
by 5670309 January 02, 2011
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