This is the alternate way of calling someone a faggot.
Faggot: Hey, my workout is done for today. Up for a shower together?

Your reply: Hell naw you fadge!!!!!!!!!
by Da.Infamous.Rapid.Fire March 14, 2010
The term "Fadge" come from the acient meaning of a males vagina who has become a woman and uses it with men, so that people would think he is not gay, but because he use to be a man ...he is!
Dave: My god! it's a transexual, he must have a fadge!

John: By jove he has! What an outstanding visual observation you have just made dave!
by Cpt. Black May 17, 2007
The way of avoiding saying fanny cause it is proper dirrrty!
When your sitting wae you nan and David Dickonson comes on telly wae his bright orange face and his fucked up hair thats begging to be cut!
by Scottish Kaz October 20, 2003

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