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When you are talking to someone online, and you both ask a question at the same time, and you both answer each other's question, and you get into two conversations at the same time.
This is normal when text messaging, but annoying when facechatting, hence the name facetexting.
Brad: You going to Tiffany's party?
JayJay: Did you see the Lakers game?
Brad: Yeah that touchdown at the end was amazing
JayJay: Yeah, but I don't think it's gunna be very good. Oh yeah, I punched the air when Tommy Nelson scored.
Brad: It will be good! I'm going. I know right, I punched the air really hard.
JayJay: Stop Facetexting dude!
by s-lar December 30, 2010
When a texting conversation has no content and usually ends up in a flurry of smiley faces.
Girl- heyy
Guy- hi
Gir- :)
Guy- :P
Girl- xD
Guy- :D
Girl- K BYE
Guy- I hate Face Texting
by KSeegan July 15, 2011