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Like facesitting, this act involves the application of a woman's vagina and bottom to a prone man's face for pleasure and/or domination.

Unlike facesitting, faceslamming involves the woman straddling the man's head and then bringing her ass down hard on the man's face. Smothering, grinding down, or continuing to violently bounce-fuck his head can follow.

Care should be taken to avoid performing this act, especially on a hard surface, as it can easily lead to the man being knocked out by the woman's slamming ass.
Paul: I don't wanna sound like I was listening in on you, man, but damn... your bed was squeaking like crazy last night. You were really giving it to her, huh?

Alex: Well, she did fuck me later... But all that squeaking you heard? She was faceslamming the hell out of me.

Paul: ... Whoa.
by NaughtySteph July 18, 2011