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n. an understood confusion related to the congealing of two or more distinct entities that are otherwise independent of each other.
It was faceneck, pure and simple, that led to his decision to sell the lame horse.

The two doctors stared at each other, both realizing the faceneck of the situation as they scalpelled open the patient to find nothing but used diapers and charred bear remains.
by Dr. Steven K. Hoffman, Esq. October 20, 2007
FaceNeck(v): The act of posting 2nd amendment memes on face book. Mostly used by middle aged men, soccer moms and especially rednecks.
Used in a sentence: So you add your relative on facebook. Check back the next day and then you happen to see a post like "Sure I'll follow the law! Said no Criminal ever" . This is called FaceNeck
by Qid.xs May 18, 2016
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