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1. facial hair that can be picked out like an afro

2. a fro'd out beard
"I gotta pick out my facefro."

"I see you're growin out the facefro."
"Yeah, I haven't shaved in a while."
by benny boy19 May 15, 2007
A Face Fro is a huge, burly, unkept beard worn by a Hipster. A true Face Fro should never be trimmed or manicured in any way. Wherever the hair grows, you let it grow. This includes cheeks, under the chin and the neck if hair follicles exist. A Face Fro can also be worn by a lumber jack, biker or a metal dude.
Businessman- "Is that guy a crab fisherman or a lumber Jack?"

Businessman's friend- "Oh that scrubby looking dude? No that's a Hipster and that bush on his chin is called a Face Fro"

To see the ultimate Face Fro check out "Hipster The Get Down" now on ITunes
by bthoryk January 28, 2013