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1. facial hair that can be picked out like an afro

2. a fro'd out beard
"I gotta pick out my facefro."

"I see you're growin out the facefro."
"Yeah, I haven't shaved in a while."
by benny boy19 May 15, 2007
When your beard is long, shaggy and seemingly unkept. Especially when neck is unshaven.
That dude has a sweet face 'fro, wonder if there are squirrels living in there!
by BoobsRMe August 10, 2014
A huge, burly, unkept beard worn by a Hipster. It should never be trimmed or manicured in any way. Wherever the hair grows, you let it grow. This includes cheeks, under the chin and the neck if hair follicles exist. A Face Fro can also be worn by a lumber jack, biker or a metal dude.
Girl: WTF is on that guy's face over there?!?!
Girl's friend- Can you even imagine making out with a face fro like that?!
by bthoryk January 28, 2013