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Some one who spends way too much time logged on to
I never see her anymore, I don't think she leaves her house. She's become a complete facebook worm.
by JimTalbot April 17, 2009
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A person who pesters you on Feacebook, constantly sending irrelevancies or begging for a connection.
This is the 5th inconsequential message I've received from John today; he's become a facebookworm.

After I rejected Karen's connection request on Facebook, she sent connection requests through 3 other networking sites. She just doesn't get it. What a Facebookworm.
by unconnected March 13, 2009
A person who clearly spends too much time on Facebook, to the detriment of alternate social activities, or even conversation with the person or group they are currently with.
A Facebookworm could be a person in a bar or cafe , staring intently at a smartphone and "liking"away as as real life evolves around them.
by Sansebastian June 19, 2013

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