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When someone hijacks ur fb status to talk about something completely unrelated!
Jane Smith is watching eastenders eating crisps

John Smith: same, except for the crisps lol!
Jane Smith: u can have some of mine if u want!
John Smith: yum, I've got to go shopping tomorrow I am gonna stock up on crisps!
Joe Bloggs: I'm going shopping tomorrow wanna join me?
John Smith: Yea sounds good, where u wanna meet?
Joe Bloggs: outside the station be ok for u?
John Smith: ok, what time?
Joe Bloggs: about 10ish?
John Smith: ok dude see ya then
Joe Bloggs: Maybe grab lunch at the cafe?
John Smith: defo I love their sausage and mushroom baguette mmmm to die for
Joe Bloggs: nah their breakfast roll, full english in a roll can't beat it!
Jane Smith: leave my status alone u facebook status hijackers!
by fishsticks25 August 07, 2010