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Someone who creates a really sick (cool) profile pic (photoshoped of course), post really sick comments, has thousands of friends that dont' know them but in person is a total loser.
I friended XXXXXX and couldn't wait to meet them in person. I stalked their profile constantly because it was facebook sick. Then, when we met, I realized I liked them better on their profile
by kentuckyWoman September 04, 2010
Where you are calling in to work that day (faking illness) to do something else & you have so many coworkers as facebook friends that you pretend to be "Facebook sick" the night before so it looks good the go MIA from Facebook till you go back to work
Facebook update: " ***** not feeling so good think I might be coming down with something :(

text to friend "don't worry we are still on tomorrow had to be Facebook sick for work tho"
by janielletin October 03, 2014
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