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One who comments/likes old ass stuff on Facebook, in turn causing other people to start to comment/like that same shit so now your newsfeed is littered with this bullshit nobody cares about because it came to the attention of everybody a long time ago.
)Caveman #43290

HOLY FUCK! just made the wheel
9127 BC * Like * Comment

Stegosaurus, Asexual organisms, Ben Franklin, Fred Flinstone, and 897 Others like this.

)Caveman #43543
9127 BC * Like

)Cavewoman #43396
mmm I like intelligent cavemen..
9127 BC * Like

)Father Time
jesus christ im so high right now
9127 BC * Like

)Woolly Mammoth
I'd still kill you little fucks if I weren't extinct
9127 BC * -b 1Person

)Loser McFailureton
Hey caveman! thanks for the innovations lol haha >.<
August 2, 2011 * Like

)Opra Winfrey
Shut The Fuck Up you facebook grave digger
August 2, 2011 * Like
by camr0n401 August 02, 2011
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