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is a guy who constantly changes his Facebook status, usually via cell or an application like Twitter. This is usually in a self-deluded attempt to convince himself that people care what he is doing at all times.

Some common characteristics of many Facebook Tools' profiles:
-interests may include a specific light beer, gaming, "rocking out," etc
-favorite music is often classic rock, light rock, or "anything but country"
-his photos often include ridiculous hand gestures as his signature. If in a frat, this is the hand gesture associated with the frat.
"Gah, I can't look at my newsfeed without <Enter facebook tool's name> popping up with another status change! Who cares that he went to Starbucks for the 4th time today?"

Said to self: "Oh, really, <Enter facebook tool's name>, you don't feel good after a night of heavy drinking? Who knew???"
by toolhaters September 23, 2008
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