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1. When you jizz all over a girls face.

2. Skier lingo for when your shredding the pow pow and the powdery snow hits you right in your face. (this is generally considered a good thing)
1. Chris: "Wow Molly is a lying cheating slut, she deserves a face shot."

Will and Jamie: "True that, dumb sluts usually like face shots anyway."

2. Alex: "Holy shit that line was epic! i was getting face shots the whole way down!"

Christian: "Yeah, it was pretty sweet, but those were nothing compared to the face shots i got in france."
by ChrisCrossKilla February 20, 2008
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When riding deep powder, (snow) and it comes up and hits ya in the face, yer getting face-shots. A powder riders epic, dream day. Like heroin, face-shots are better than sex...
Dude, it was totally blower out there. I was catching face-shots all over the mountain.
by Jib Slice January 12, 2011
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Is it time for a shot of whiskey or a faceshot?
by Nozer June 10, 2009
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When the penis slips during the state of orgasm to aim and shoot the male in the face with his own cum. Normally he is laying down or reclined during sexual intercourse or masturbation. An accidental act.
During sexual intercourse with my partner, he/she suddenly jumped up from being on top and I received a faceshot! I think I got some in my mouth!
by $tephanie August 17, 2006
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When a man shoots his liquid fire onto another's face.
Andrew Levy: "Shoot your cum on my face!"
Random Gay @ Cornell: "On your knees, bitch!"
by CUGSA July 30, 2005
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