The ultimate expression of style with class. Not necessarily pertaining to associations of wealth, it usually refers to contributing individual taste to redefine trendy styles. Also refers to positive expressions based on achievement, approval, or elation.
Her hairstyle and that jacket make a fabulous seventies outfit.

That's absolutely fabulous, darling, I'm happy for you.
by Satcha March 14, 2005
Fabulous (adj): To be good looking, wonderful, and near to perfect, all the time.
Ref Chris Lee, Rachel Meyer, and Kyle Szarzynski

Example: The three of them are fab-U-lous.
by blondie87 January 27, 2008
a euphemism for homosexual. used as such due to the overwhelming number of gay men that use the word regularly.
"Hey, I met the cutest guy today!" "Forget it, he's totally fabulous."

"That man seems kind of fabulous to me." "Don't worry, he's not THAT fabulous."
by Bobastasia September 14, 2006
The gayest word of all time. Gay-speak for "great", or so I've heard.
Gay: "Omagod I just saw the sweetest little pair of pink shoes!"
Gay2: "Fabulous!!"
by Mbleh October 16, 2007
A sublime quality that encompasses being poised, fashionable and spunky at all times.
Daahlin', isn't Cher/Madonna just fabulous?
by thewincer December 23, 2004
When your not gayy you FABOULOUSSS with sparkles, rainbows and unicorns.
person 1: Heey you see that sam guy is he gay or what
person 2: Its no called begin gay its called begin fabuloussss

sam: *fabulous pose*
by Coolguy48 June 11, 2013
A ridiculously over-used phrase by Kimora Lee Simmons.
"I'm fabulous!"

"That's fabulous!"

by forced name entry November 21, 2007
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