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1- A hero. Italians will name their sons after him for years.

2- Fullback of the Italian national team during the 2006 World Cup, Grosso scored one of the most memorable goals in football history against the host Germany just two minutes before the second overtime ended.
Here's the reaction of the Brits as Fabio Grosso scored the goal that sent the Krauts home:
"Del Piero takes... away as far as Pirlo once more, turning down his way for some space... IT'S IN!!!!! It's Grosso!! It's Italy!! The most wonderful football match has got the most wonderful finale! A goal from a fullback, that tells you everything! (...) Great little pass by pirlo, wonderful curler by Grosso... absolutely superb... (...) And Italy are about to break German hearts, just as they have done twice before in epic world cup matches" -- BBC commentary --
#fabio #grosso #hero #italy #germany #2006 #world cup
by Musical_Box July 07, 2006
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The most legendary member of italy. He makes good pizza as well. He is also the best diver in the italian team.
Fabio Grosso scored a goal
#legend #italy #diver #pizza #football
by Liam Humphrey March 17, 2007
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