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f/e is a shortened form of "fair enough"
Tom: want to come out later and bone some chicks?
Tim: no, i've got brass band practice.
Tom: f/e, horns before whores
by NDBurns January 08, 2011
1. Forever
2. Fair Enough
1. MESSAGE FROM PANNY: KK, luv u f/e bbz
2. Sofy: Why did you tell him I liked him?
Bekkah: Cuz you wouldn't have done anything 'bout it otherwise and you'd still be here moaning to me 'bout how much you 'really really like Ed', instead of going out with him.
Sofy: Ah...f/e then lol
by magicmehome September 16, 2008
"f/e" is an abbreviation for "forever"

similar to "w/e", abbreviation for "whatever"

way better, though perhaps less recognised, than "4eva" which just looks a bit stupid

wow, i havent been online in f/e
by youmakemehappy January 20, 2008
fair enuff.. usd on msn
:u alrite?
:not bad. u?
:kinda krap.

:been groundd
:oh f/e
by dizzyIck July 26, 2009
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