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verb. (slang)
A variant of explode or asplode.
This verb was created by the author of a Halo fan fiction entitled "Halo: Halos in Space". During the story the word "exploded" was mistyped as "explodd" - leading to a humorous intentional mispronunciation by a certain YTMND user who can be credited with popularizing this term. It has since, taken on a life of it's own and has been used by internet geeks in everyday conversation.
Dude #1: *Discards a cigarette butt - which promptly bursts into a shower of embers upon hitting the ground.
Dude #2: "Wow, it just explodd!"

"...the back of the espcape ship fell open n one of the army guys fell out and explodd in space..."
-squirrelking, Halo: Halos in Space
by jp313 October 18, 2007
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