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A type of Deck in the Children's Card Game also known As Yu-Gi-Oh!, that's main focus is Drawing cards until you get all Five Pieces of Exodia, enabling a One-Turn-Kill. Mostly used by people with no true skill in the game, (or any imagination) as a Method for a quick and easy (and very cheap) win.
It is also the type of deck used by Generic Villains with no Genuine backstory.
Example 1:
Person 1: "Well, on DN I just dueled this guy who really lacks any true skill at children's card games, and no imagine nation at all."
Person 2: "Let me guess: exodia draw engine deck?"
Person 1: "Yep, how did you know?"
Person 2: "Well if I chose to play a children's card game back lacked any imagination and skill, that's what I would do.

Example 2:
Generic Villain: "Your friend is right Yugi, you stand no chance against my ultimate strategy."
Yami Yugi: "Let me guess: You're trying to summon Exodia: The Forbidden One?"
Generic Villain: "NO! How does he know?!"
Yami Yugi: "Well, if I were a Generic Villain with no Genuine Backstroy, that's what I would be doing too."
The above example come from YGOTAS.
by arandomobserver2 September 18, 2013
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