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a pre-arranged plan whereby one leaves an awkward or uncomfortable situation with as much subtlety as possible.

opposite of walk of shame when applied to a sexual scenario.
"Let's plan an exit strategy for that party incase it gets boring."

"I'm glad I had an exit strategy put in place the next morning, she looked much better with the beer goggles on the night before!"
by Lucky May 02, 2006
To need an exit strategy applies to using the bathroom, but only after consuming large quantities of food. In some cases, the term "Exit strategy" can be used in an act of foresight, such as dining at a buffet or, possibly, Taco Bell.
Brett: Hey man, wanna play some Capture the Flag?

Steve: Gimme 10 minutes dude, I just got back from China Buffet and I need an exit strategy.

Brett: That's gross!
by Tobias Hawkins December 15, 2009
The way you leave a party or bar after drinking and dancing with your friends. Develops over time into a predictable series of actions which are entirely chaste for some people and completely slutty for others.
"My slutty friend Sheryl's exit strategy always included a blow-job. I don't know why she couldn't just shake hands and say thank-you for dinner like other people."
by anemeth October 08, 2011
A method of suicide reserved for contingency. A poison pill.
I have an exit strategy in case they interrogate me.
by enkephalin07 February 29, 2016
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