The ex who is unsure if they really want to be your ex. The 93% boyfriend or girlfriend, when you want 100%.
Vito, "Who is Eddie?"

Kristen, "He is her ex-ish."
by teacherinpastlife August 24, 2010
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Person who you almost dated officially, but then it didn't happen. So you refer to them as your ex, perhaps, but then you must correct yourself by using the world "exish" in daily conversation. ex and I did the same thing. Oh, I mean my exish.

Oh yeah, me and my ex. I mean my, uh, exish. ...It's complicated.
by lizenna4realz November 06, 2009

1. used when referring to your not-quite-but-soon-to-be ex's indifferent and/or estranged behavior.

2. aloof or reserved; lacking cordiality.
"Dealing with my exish ex girlfriend can be a rather daunting task."
by 6-BERK-9 May 23, 2007

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