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1). To accessorize to the degree of excess. i.e. Wearing far too many accessories, such as 5 belts or 90,000 wristbands/bracelets.

2). Can be used in the case of wearing a massive piece of jewelry. i.e. Flava Flav's clocks. Or massive gaudy earrings.
Ummm gurrrl, when I said we were going to Club Seven and you needed to accessorize and look good to get in I didn't mean excessorize and wear a hubcap bitch.
by Phoenixtail April 12, 2007
to wear too much accessories
"Hazel showed up at the minimalist-theme party in her beaded glory. That wasn't the right time to excessorize."
by Tata Artista May 16, 2006