ex dee is sometimes used in place of XD, which is used for expressing laughing so hard you're squinting. Ex dee is (not so) commonly used in instant messaging to try to be funny.
I saw you practicing kissing in the mirror ex dee!!!!
by acgamer222 June 12, 2006
Top Definition
An expression of great happiness and/or laughter.

see XD
roflmao; that is teh funni!! ex dee !! XD !!
by teh funni April 28, 2003
Spelling of the emoticon XD. Which if you tilt your head sidewards, it's the face of a big grin and squinting man.
Someone: I pwned his arse
Someone else: exdee.
someone: Yep :D
by Levi Miah June 07, 2007
(verb) to type XD, which, if you tilt your head 90 degrees left, is the emoticon of a face grinning so hard that its eyes are squinting.
him: XD
me: You just ex-deed!
him: XD
me: Stop ex-deeing.
by buzhwa June 02, 2005
A fanfiction-type thing started by Trigger featuring members of Sonic Classic, Sonic CulT, The Moogle Cavern, and STH Area 51. Narration is assisted with screenshots of games that match the events.
<Ryoga> Kurai, you can sit on me, but at least take your skirt off first.
<Ryoga> ;_;
--excerpt from Ex Dee 3
by dj gs68 October 26, 2003
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