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used to express a wide range of emotion including but not limited to surprise, disappointment, excitement, approval, disapproval, and/or enjoyment. if negative emotion is being expressed, the "eww" is stressed. if positive emotion is being expressed, the "wee" is stressed. the higher the level of emotion, the more e's would be in the "wee".
jaime: wanna go get a snocone?
coleen: eww wee, yeah!


jaime: eww wee...
coleen: what?
jaime: that dandruff friend of mine just sent me a text saying she wasn't coming tonight


coleen: eww weeee!
jaime: what up, boo?
coleen: eww wee, that girl's titties were huuuuuge!
by Coleen McKechnie August 21, 2006
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