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The greatest stuntmant after Jesus. Only that he did not walk on water he prefered jumping buses.
evil kenevil was an all american stuntman with defying acts that won him numerous oscars.
by Modise M August 29, 2011
when you get every green light when you are driving down a straight street. e.g. you are driving down the street and no red light stops you while you are on your way.
Yo I just pulled an evil kenevil on my way over here.
by smith dog February 22, 2010
Road head on a motorcycle.
Dude #1: I love dating stunt double chicks.
Dude #2: oh yeah why is that?
Dude #1: because any girl can give you road head, but a stunt chick will give you an evil kenevil.
by i knew him, fellatio December 02, 2012
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