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Evil Dead is a majorly overlooked film with thousands of cult followers. They are all hilarious, and have a ludacris amount of gore. All three are worthy of a rent, if not, a buy. The all have classic quotes, and in short, WATCH THEM!
"Hail to the King, baby"
by MarioRPG January 08, 2005
Under rated, bout one of the best horror movies of all time.
Evil Dead is a movie that made me scared to go down the cellar...
by Kain Vincent August 18, 2003
A zombie-based horror series, Directed by Sam Raimi, that spanned from the late 70s (Evil Dead) to the early 90s (Army of Darkness) that starred Bruce Campbell (known most recently for his Voice Work in the Spider-man: The Movie and Spider-Man 2 games). This movie (along with the "Night/Dawn/Day of the Dead" series) helped to revolutionize the genre of Zombie Horror... and in Evil Dead's case make a crossover to Zombie comedy.
Many of todays commen Zombie effects are based on effects pioneered in the Evil Dead and Romero zombie movies.
by Azrael Angelus November 04, 2004
the evil dead is the best fucking movie EVER it is HILARIOUS!!! especially when the car drags the tree branch, and when ash runs into the door!! and no matter WHAT chasity sais, the evil dead II is awesomely funny!! GO OUT AND RENT ALL 3!!!
"give me my hand back!"
"ill break your face!"
and the magnafying glass necklace ;-)
ooohh and how bookshelves always fall on ash =( poor ash...
for untimate movie-watching satisfaction, rent the Evil Dead (on VHS, not DVD) and watch it with your BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!
by KAYNETO July 11, 2004
A seriously kick ass movie with spells and zombies and gore and all kinds of wierd ass shit!
Join us! Join us! Join us! Join us!
by I Hate Conformists April 16, 2005
One of the most innovative and entertaining horror films ever made. Directed by acclaimed director Sam Raimi in 1981, this movie has accumulated an army of fans over the years. This film goes to show you that not only do they not "make em' like they used to" but directors don't need fancy effects and a multimillion dollar budget to make a quality film. If you are into zombie movies, or are a horror movie buff, or have always wanted to see a woman raped by a tree this movie is right up your alley.
Horror movies today are nothing compared to classics like Evil Dead
by Duke Henry January 09, 2009
Besides dawn of the dead and day of the dead the evil dead seris is the shit
zombie horrors kick ass
by Campbell October 03, 2003
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