Usually the kind of person you cross over the road to avoid.

Have a hate for the glorious Liverpool FC. This hate I believe is fuelled by that fact that they have very, very little success compared to other clubs.

Notice how Evertonians rarely praise they're own club, moreover insult other clubs, mainly the Reds.

Why are Everton so shite? Nobody truly knows, but what everyone does know is that "Duncan ferguson is PROPA SOLID LA!"

'Nuff said.
Look at that evertonian smoking crack and stealing cars!

Evertonian 1: liverpool are shite, la!
Evertonain 2: innit, la, liverpool are shite!

Evertonian 3: Stevie G is shite, la!
Evertonian 4: Duncan ferguson is so 'ard lar, he would knock him out lar!!
by Anonymous Scouser April 26, 2007
A bitter and twisted supporter of the other team in the city of Liverpool.
Evertonian quote: We'd be famous if we were'nt in Liverpool's shadow. How can we compete with five european cups and eighteen championships.
by We've won it five times. March 25, 2006
A terrible abomination of a scouser. Supports the bluenosed everscum.
The muppet evertonian actually thought his team was not going to be relegated under their inbred manc leader phil "I bring the flies in" neville.
by David the Red December 30, 2005
Poisonous scouse basteads
An Evertonian
by champ April 08, 2003
Deluded.. believes his team will one day win something. Bitter and twisted. Often goes from blue to green when he sees his more successful neighbours, the famous Liverpool FC, collecting trophies.
eg he is a lifelong Evertonian. He is bitter and scowly.
by Five times March 24, 2006
by Lad April 08, 2003
bitter arse rapists who dont win shit and cry about it all day long. So pathetic they GAVE THEMSELVES the nickname of the PEOPLES CLUB to make it seem like they had any relevance whatsoever!!!
if I see an evertonian walking down the street I make sure I give clip round the ear and a boot to the testicles! CHAV WANKER!
by Innit? McGuinness June 01, 2006

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