There are two kinds. 151 proof, and 190 proof. It is illegal in some states. It can be used as an antiseptic because of it's high alcoholic content and is the best cleaner for the restoration of tabacco smoking pipes. It is a neutral grain spirit. It should NEVER be consumed straight.
Bob: Dude. What happened last night? (after waking up with a massive headache.)

Fred: You had the brilliant idea of drinking Everclear straight from the bottle last night and now you're paying for it...
by peacetea1 August 30, 2010
190 proof alcohol. It is illegal in most states for a reason. do not take it lightly. Once you blackout from it and continue to drink w/o knowing will cause serious harm...
14 shots of everclear and my friend decided it would be funny to hold a .40 cal to my head. It resulted in puking all night, all next day and a body shakes like never before. we drank 1/2 of a handle between the 2 of us. Definitely do not advise drinking this!!!!
by bad idea December 12, 2009
95% grain alchohol
yeah I could agree with the 14 year old e.r. thing
depends on the chick but she usually won't take much more
whats 1\3 of the bottle thats my record
half gallon of 40% vodka too probably close to equal
you better be a drinker. Ever seen that guy at the party that blacks out repeatedly and talks gibberrish then pukes and passes out standing up and the fall doesn't even wake him? thats everclear to a pro..... or an amatuer who took 4 shots in a row a half hour after!
by jason lacy December 31, 2003
1. a strong alcoholic drink
2. the greatest band ever from Portland OR, Art Alexakis - guit, voc, Craig Montoya - voc, bass, Greg Eklund - voc, drums
1. Bartender: may I help you sir?
A drunk guy: yea, gimme an everclear, bitch
2. Fuck man, Everclear kick ass don't they?
Anal Cunt - You went to see Dishwalla and Everclear (you're gay).mp3
by mirko April 01, 2003
Just the greatest fucking band. Yea.
Isn't it great when Alcohol starts singing to ya(yes.lame ass pun.)
Yea. Everclear does kickass.
Man. Everytime I listen to Everclear I feel all inspired.
Um yea. DRINK ME!
by Xondria. yea. April 27, 2004
its very stupid to drink it it can cause alot of harm and i probably would never touch the stuff id much rather drink vodka and be ok than drink ever clear and die cause it has no taste and no smell so you keep drinkin untill your body just cant handle it any more and you wake in heaven/hell/or emergency room dont be stupid stay away
a stupid 14 year old drinking and gettin raped
by candy February 10, 2005

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