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a trip that starts off by evacuating from a natural disaster, but upon learning that family, home, neighbors are safe, morphs into a mini-vacation.
We left New Orleans because of the impending hurricane but it turned into an Evacu-cation
by LisaBNOLA September 09, 2008
The time-place in between the forced removal from a city evacuation combined with an extended absence vacation.
After Katrina, I went on an "evacucation". First to a ranch in Texas, then to fancy beach hotels in Florida.
by Annie Mills May 07, 2006
Hurricane Evacuation turned into a short, adventure-filled vacation which usually involves sleeping on a friend of a friend's couch, sitting in awful traffic and playing drinking games while watching CNN (Take a drink every time someone says "catastrophic")
During Hurricane Gustav we went on an evacucation to Atlanta.
by MargieNOLA September 09, 2008