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Internet user who cannot type for shit.
Scottish says "I ptu my hnd in my trosuers and pull otu my cocck"
by Chunky McFunky May 24, 2004
35 17
One who spends all waking hours online, and yet seems to have never used a keyboard before.
dnt call em a fcking monkey!!
by CSTL Northern May 24, 2004
50 13

Edinburgh University Students' Association.

Secret society for the advancement of one's career and/or the inflation of one's ego. Usually attracts the kind of person who lacks the talent to participate in any other activity. Widely held to be full of nobs by those unlucky enough to have heard of its existence
EUSA? Never heard of it.
by hut dweller July 27, 2006
55 24
What you are, if you typo.
> you girn.
> you are eusa
17 9