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the substitution of a universally abstract adjective or adverb for that of a logically concrete adjective or adverb. the universally abstract adjective/adverb exist only in the realm of ideas and faith, as opposed to the realm of logic and reason. It can be used to explain the paradigm of dualism. It can be used to describe the true nature of a rock. It can be used to describe ________. It can be used to describe anything and everything, in a non- offensive, meaningful, and true way.
the universally abstract adjective can be used to convey a mutual understanding that is true, but is beyond words.

God is euphemystical.

A woman births a baby. When the father first gets to hold the child, he euphamystically looks into the mothers eyes.
Although they may not be thinking the same thing, there is mutual feeling of what IS. Similar to an archetypal symbol.

A feeling a person has that is relative to the feelings of another in some way.

"There are two things:
That which I know, &
That which I don't.

I may understand things in an abstract way, things I do not know in the realm of logic and reason.

So are there still only two things? "

That is such a eupemystical philosophy.
Dude, those new shoes are SO euphemystical- SICK.
by Bread Sheppard December 15, 2008
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