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If you really have nothing to say.

Name was a great (man/woman). (He/She) will always be remembered and will always be in our hearts. In the number years I've known (him/her), (he/she) has always been adjective, adjective, and adjective. (He/She) was not only my relation but also my friend. Every timeframe, we went to place together, and I will never in my life forget those times. I'm sure we all remember the time (he/she) action. Afterward (he/she) told me saying or cliche. And I'll never forget those words. In this world, there are adjective people, and there are opposite adjective people, and I can tell you that Name was the superlative of adjective person I have ever met. I will never forget Name, and I will miss (him/her) for the rest of my life. There will never be another Name.
John: i want you to speak at my brothers funeral. It would mean the world to me

Sam: (SHIT I'VE NEVER MET HIS BROTHER) ...Um sure man anything to make you feel better (If only I had a eulogy madlib)
by Dr. Strang3Love May 13, 2010
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