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et-i-qu-acy eh-ti-kissy
1. latin derivitive of the french word for etiquette, elevator etiquacy
2. conventionalism requirements as to social behaviorities; proprieties of conductivness as establishmentated in any class or community or for any occasion

Origin: December 12th, 2007; A phone conversation where Kristen refered to someone needing to use proper etiquette and was mispronounciating the word.

amenitizies, civilitity, coders, conventionistic, courtesyly, customsary, decenacy, decorumer, deportmentacy, dignityness, formalties, good behaviorist*, politenessly, proper behavioracy, protocolitity, rulesly, seemlinessity, usagality
I don't understand why he was just standing in front of the elevator door and wouldn't let you out first. Sounds like this guy needs a lesson in elevator etiquacy.
by Elephant Poo December 12, 2007

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