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Derived from ESP (extra sensory perceptions); the state of giving or receiving said perceptions simultaneously (i.e. having the same thoughts, saying the same things, doing the same things as another person at exactly the same time).
Credited to SAN, 2004
"Are you espishing what I'm espishing?" (translation: are you thinking of doing what I'm thinking of doing?)

"Is that girl wearing a skirt with her belt or a belt with her skirt?"
by ria November 02, 2004
interj. Used when precisely what one person was thinking is voiced or executed first by another present individual.

v. To think or say something simultaneously with another individual.

Note: Wave your hands in the air when you use this as an interjection and scream it in a thin, froggish voice.
"If Mariel claps and says 'That is so great' when she laughs... one more time... I am going to shoot her."
"ESPIIIIIIISH!!!" (dance)
by John F. Kerry (i have a plan) January 28, 2005
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