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The greatset criminal ever to walk the Earth. Satan incarnate. Better known as the white man. Term comes from the biblical name for caucasians.
Camp Leader: "We'll set up here if Esau doesn't give us any trouble."
Brothers: "All right, ahch. That's what it is."
by Sabal Iwalum November 09, 2007
to have red pigmentation and sometimes hairy ,A biblical term that refers to the caucasians from there biblical forefather name esau which is the progenitor of the white races, edom is another word for esau edom means red.edom is idom which is short for Idomea and idomere .the origin of the caucasian and amelekites who are also caucasians the amelekites are the Jewish people who lives in Israel this is all historical facts
Your neck is red like ( esau /edom)
by mount sier December 09, 2013
Someone who is pretty crazy. he can be really smart, but really lazy until he gets competitive. he likes to fight verbally and physically. He might be cute, but then again, he might not be. He may seem like a dick at times but he cares. If someone messes with one of his friends, he does what it takes to stand up on them.
Girl 1: That guy is kinda a dick.

Girl 2: I think he's just being Esau.
by JJMaverick April 14, 2014
Guy from the Bible that dumb niggas got a hard-on for. Nation of Islam niggas say he was a nigga, Hebrew Israelite niggas say he was a cracka - either way they are both still niggas.
Hebrew Israelite nigga: "Fuck Esau mang!"
Nation of Islam nigga: "Fuck yo momma nigga!"
by EdomiteSlayer October 31, 2010
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