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Variation of the name Erik.
Err-Ick Pronounced Air- ick

Is given to males who fail to live up to being an Erik (strong, handsome, Nordic)

Shortened form of Error & Icky

to make a disgusting mistake;
causing or accidentally creating something foul, gross, toxic
err-ick, err-icked, err-icking, err-icker

Believing that it would show his appreciation of the lovely lovely meal, Mr. Taylor let an err-ick rip that smelled so bad & was so strong that the room was declared a toxic waste dump & everything in the room had to be destroyed.

Mr. Taylor drank too much & err-icked all over the bathroom.

Lacking basic social skills, Mr. Taylor is often guilty of err-icking when he shares detailed descriptions about his bowel movements with total strangers who are unlucky enough to be stuck standing in a long line next to him.

You can't take an err-icker anywhere! If it's not a smell that peels the paint off the walls, an err-icker's conversation will disgust & repulse anyone within earshot. Many nicer establishments ban err-ickers.
by Anti Err-Ick August 12, 2009

brookes husband, fo lyfe.
pimpin ho's with big badunkadunks
by errick February 28, 2004
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