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Erin Go Bragh is a Gaelic phrase used to express allegiance to Ireland. It is most often translated as "Ireland Forever",
If it March 17 and you see 'Erin go Bragh' on your friend t shirt means that he/she is most likely Irish or wearing a shirt to not look like an outcast
by Medi-man March 17, 2007
It means "Ireland Forever" and its 3 words, not 1
ErinGoBragh, Erin meaning Ireland, Go Bragh meaning forever
by PTM & HFC August 14, 2006
originates in old gaelic and means "ireland forever"
on st. patrick's day, many irishmen were heard shouting "eringobragh"
by erin June 17, 2006
1. ) A contraption commonly found in the purse of females from Ireland.

2.) An Irish douche.
Sandy says, "Help me, Barbara. I seem to be leaking out of my vagina."

Barbara says, "Oh, don't worry, Dear Sandy. You can borrow my Eringobragh."
by Harrison Ford April 17, 2006
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