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1. beyond cute
2. a combination of being cute/hot/gorgeous
3. to describe one with mesmorizing eyes and a perfect smile = )
4. used to describe one that masters the "fuck eye"
5. often used to piss her off....

note: this word is only used to describe the cutest, most amazing girl ever
That chick isnt ericute!! She just works at an italian restaurant and has nice eyes!!
by ryan snake cohen February 11, 2009
word used to describe a cute act, gesture, etc...

I have been thinking about a way to ask you to prom for the past few weeks. I thought of so many ericute ideas... but when i played each senario out in my head, they just weren't good enough. I wrote poems, songs, but none of them even came close to summing up the way i feel about you. It's like i hit some imaginary wall.. But then i realized... I actually did hit a wall because no matter how well worded my writing is, no characters on a sheet of paper will ever come close to summing up the way i feel about you. I can't list the infinite reasons that make you amazing in a song. I can't describe "my shit life if you werent in it" in a poem.

But what i can tell you is this:
You're the first person i think about in the morning and the last person i think about at night. I can't concentrate anymore because I'm constantly missing you. I dream about your gorgeous smile and mesmorizing eyes. I love you, and I don't know who else i would rather go to prom with. So...

Princess... Will you come to prom with me?
by Ryan snake cohen February 13, 2009
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