A girl with a devine figure. She has an amazing face and body. Normally fierce yet sweet at times. Wonderful friend that learns quickly from her mistakes. Is nervous around crushes and tries to act cool.
"Damn, she's a fierce ass bitch,"

"Yup, that's Erica for you."
by ThePokester April 26, 2013
A girl with a nice ass !!!! and the best mother in the world !
have you looked at that beautiful ass ?

omg ! She is certainly called erica
by a moeder November 30, 2011
A woman who loves and is loved. Someone who will lose sleep if their friend is sick or hurt. Will be a wonderful mother and wife. Many people will be jealous of her loving and charming nature and the men will fall over each other to get to her.
Guy 1: Whos's that girl walking down the street? She looks like the kinda girl I'd like to meet

Guy 2: Can't beat that one, she's Erica
by sinners February 08, 2010
A beautiful, outgoing and fun girl. She is usually on the country side and always around horses. She worries about her friends when they're sick or injured. She has so much compassion and love. She could be someone who's never had a boyfriend before. Ericas usually go for tall guys with dirty blonde hair and green eyes. Most the time Ericas are paired with Corys. Ericas are amazing but the one thing they will always be are COUNTRY GIRLS!
Guy 1: Hey that girl's beautiful
Guy 2: That's Erica. Her boyfriend is Cory
by Cowgirls_never_give_up March 11, 2013
Erica is sweet misery. Ericaz are stubborn as hell, they think too negative, they worry too much, they get irritated easily, they are lazy, and they get jealouz off erybody. However, they will get you hooked on dem lyk phonicz and they will have you hittin rockbottom over dem coz they are the most loving, caring, amazing, wonderful, kinky, passionate, and GORGEOUZ type ov girlz you will ever meet in thiz world. Ericaz will have you and get you through wateva coz they're ride or die chickz. Ericaz are the type ov femalez you can stay fuheva eva with. Erica iz like GOOD MUSIC coz she'z all you wana hear and think about.
"Aye Knucklez, who you roll with?"
"I ROLL wit ERICA alwayz and forever + the dayz after!"
by knucklez CNU May 20, 2009

Also means you make a MEAN margarita
by yahgirl123456 February 06, 2010
erica is the coolest person ever. all the boys love her but she doesnt like them back cause thats just how she is...cause she's erica:D, she's a super huge whore, but its okay cause shes erica. she likes summer sex, too. and she HATES fish because they're boyfriend stealers.
"I wish I was Erica."

"Of course you do!"
by dirtydiana_ July 05, 2009
another word for a whore
"That girl is such an Erica! She sucks cock all day."
by bobb marley January 03, 2008

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