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A hockey player for the Dallas Stars.
Was once one of the greatest forces in the game but his career was unhitched due to multiple concussions. Most notably when he got ROCKED by Scott Stevens of the New Jersey Devils.
by some rand July 17, 2006
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The greatest hockey player in history. Superhuman strength that would command attention whenever he stepped onto an NHL surface. Hart Trophy winner 1995.

Eric Lindros would break necks with devastating hits, score highlight reel goals that would make Wayne Gretzky cry himself to sleep, and punish anyone in his way with constant flurries of fists to the mouth.

Some suspect he is the spawn of Hercules and Wonder Woman.

Also known as "The Great One". Sorry Gretzky, try to take it back if you like the taste of haymakers.
Eric Lindros is the only man in history documented to stop the spin of the earth's axis with a bodycheck.
by HunterSThompson April 28, 2006
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