A rich mans sport. A very "posh" perosn would been an equestrian rider. although some people just are born to have a horse.
Jimmy's dad is an equestrian rider! Ewww!
by Hannah October 22, 2004
The gayest word in the English language according to comedian Lewis Black.
'Equestrian', by the by, is the gayest word in the English language. In fact, I thought "Brokeback Mountain" should have been called "Two Equestrians."
by Percy Jones August 08, 2008
some consider it a sport. They are WRONG. Equestrian is a mere joke. Sitting on a horse and acting pretty is all it is. The horse does all the work. I laugh everytime i remember this is a sport in college.
Equestrian is like a woman masterbating. They hold it while the dildos vibration does all the work. Also it can be compared to a slave owner. The slaves do all the work but the owner takes all the credit.
by blunt-smoking-anus-destoryer November 05, 2010
Usually that one person who stays quiet and thinks about horses all the time. It's a person who does many things with a horse such as riding, entering competitions and being committed with a horse. People will probably ask what equestrian means to that person and they will have to explain this whole definition, then get told horseback riding isn't a sport. At this point I suggest you leave them alone because they probably are thinking of ways that their horse could kill you. Finally, don't think you can talk about anything to do with horses around them and not be corrected, it's just a natural triat us amazing equestrians have ;) Btw just because we ride horses DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE A JOCKEY. There are many disciplines in the equestrian community in which we can preform it's not just racing! We do things such as English show jumping, western pleasure, barrel racing, dressage and MANY MANY more!!!!
Damn that girl Victoria is an equestrian like she rides horses and stuff.

Did you see Gianna's recent Instagram post? She's riding a horse I think she's an equestrian..

That girl said she goes to the barn everyday to see her horse, she must be an equestrian.
by Backatitagainman July 21, 2016
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